Mr Leipoldt is currently Managing Director of Global Risk Advisory Services (GRAS). In that capacity, he is responsible for risk management advice for financial institutions ranging from specific investigations to full scale risk management set up. His current assignments are in Asia, The Middle East and Europe.

Prior to setting up GRAS, he worked for ABN AMRO for 11 years in various capacities. Latest, he was responsible for Global Operational Risk Review, a new discipline to complement Credit Risk Review. Previously, he was responsible for the ABN AMRO Operational Risk Advisory team, covering 15 banks throughout Asia, the Middle East, Europe and South America with a team of 14 people. That work was founded in his earlier work on Compliance, ORM and AMA development within ABN AMRO Globally.

Before moving into risk management, Mr Leipoldt was project manager for ABN AMRO Bank, running various complex international system and process introductions. He is actively involved in interbank discussions on Operational Risk, and has practical experience in teaching Operational Risk concepts and implementation issues across the Bank.

Mr Leipoldt has been involved in the definition of Operational Risk loss data specifications for ORX. ORX, a consortium of then 23 internationally active banks which has been created to share Operational Risk loss experiences. These specifications have become the international standard for Operational Risk loss databases. .

Mr Leipoldt has 23 years of working experience, 11 of which at ABN AMRO. Before he joined ABN AMRO in Amsterdam in 1997, he was head consultant at Origin. He started his working life with research and teaching posts at the Erasmus University of Rotterdam and Delft Technical University.

Mr Leipoldt graduated from the Erasmus University of Rotterdam in 1984 with an honors degree in Development Economics.