Geographical Spread
Papua New Guinea
Saudi Arabia
Sri Lanka
LaPaz: Banco Bisa
- Assisting Banco Bisa in setting up an ORM practice. The focus was on localisation and direct practical use of the ORM tools.
Bandar Seri Begawan: Bank Islam Brunei Darussalam
- ORM Training and Gap analaysis / review for BIBD.
ShenZhen: China Merchant Bank
- Advising CMB in the set up of an ORM approach, including training and pilot roll out in head office departments. This assignment was carried out under the auspices of Financial Access
Cairo: Egyptian Banking Institute
- Delivering an ORM course for the EBI to leading domestic and international bank representatives, risk managers and COO's.
Jakarta: Bank Mandiri
- Advising BM in the set up of policies, procedures and work instructions for ORM, including training and preparation for AMA compliance.
Almati: Kazkommetzbank; Bank Turalem
- Setting up the ORM practice for KKB on ORM, as part of a larger risk and compliance project.
- Advising BTA in the policy, procedure and practice of ORM, including training and site visits. This assignment was carried out under the auspices of Financial Access
Amsterdam: ABN AMRO, De Nederlandsche Bank
- Advising ABN AMRO on the appropriate ORM methodology, up to AMA.
- Advising DNB on its internal ORM approach.
Port Moresby: Bank South Pacific
- Advising BSP in the restructuring of their operational risk approach, including Anti-Money Laundering, Business Continuity Management and IT security. This assignment is carried out under the auspices of Financial Access
Doha: Commercial Bank of Qatar
- Advising CBQ on the full set up and implementation of an ORM practice.
Riyadh: Saudi Hollandi Bank
- Advising SHB on their AMA approach and setting out an implementation path. Revitalising the ORM approach and assisting in the selection and implementation of a GRC system for Audit, Compliance and Risk.
Colombo: Nations Trust Bank
- Advising NTB in setting up their operational practice.
Taipei: Hua Nan Financial Holding Company
- Guiding HNFHC (as well as Hua Nan Bank) to achieve Basel II compliance on ORM. The focus was on both the bank and the holding companies and their approaches toward ORM and compliance.
Bangkok: Siam Commercial Bank; Thai Military Bank
- Advising SCB in fine-tuning their ORM set up and assisting in the practical implementation of the improved ORM programme with special focus on RCSA and KRI programmes and reporting.
- Advising TMB on KRI implementation.
Abu Dhabi: National Bank of Abu Dhabi
- Performing an extensive gap-analysis for NBAD on the next steps for their ORM track. This analysis helped to plan their Basel II compliance on time and within budget.
Washington: World Bank, IFC
- Providing advice on a proposed Act regarding innovative technologies to the Physicians for Social Research regarding the implicit funding and risk management. See:
- Chairing the IFI May 2009 meeting on ORM on behalf of IFC.
Hanoi: Vietin Bank
- Assisting VB in ORM, AML, Fraud Management at all levels.
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